What to do when my dart shafts break?

3 Jan 2023

Unfortunately, darts sometimes break, but buying completely new darts is almost never necessary. Because what may look like a broken dart, is not really a completely broken dart. A dart consists of a number of individual parts: the shaft, flight, tip and barrel. And all these parts are easy to replace!

With most parts, such as the flight and shafts, you know in advance that they will not last for years. After all, a dart is something you throw into a dartboard and that is guaranteed to go wrong from time to time.

When your dart does not make it to the board, bounces off the board or misses the board completely, it falls to the ground. A nylon shaft can break with a bit of bad luck, and a steel shaft can bend. Also, your flight might fold or tear. However, this is not the end of the world (or of your dart).

Replacing broken parts

What is often thought when seeing broken dart shafts is that the dart is broken. This is because it lies in two on the ground with the dart shaft broken off in the barrel. Of course, if the thread of the shaft is still in the barrel, it immediately seems game over for the dart.

However, this is far from what is going on. Unlike a broken driver shaft with golf, broken dart shafts are easy to fix. That's because the remnants of a broken shaft can be removed from the barrel and replaced by a new shaft. All you need is a small, sharp object that you can turn. For example, you can use two pins, a sharp knife or a narrow, flat screwdriver to twist the remnant out of the dart.

Broken Shaft Removers

In case you don't have any of these things on hand for a while, there is still a handy tool for this problem: the KOTO Broken Shaft Remover. These shaft removers work exactly the same as the DIY solution, but with the convenience of guaranteed success. This is because the removers are precisely made to fit on and in a barrel. You simply place the tool on the back of the barrel and gently twist out the remnants of the shaft. The sharp, pointed blade pokes into the back of the remaining threads and causes them to rotate out of the dart with the tool. And for those who want a fancier little tool, we also have a silver version.

Broken tips

Something that does not happen often, but happens nevertheless, is the breaking of the tip. We are talking about soft dart tips in this case, not steel tips. Steel dart tips hardly ever break. Soft dart tips, or electronic dart tips, can break off and then get stuck in the dartboard.

Even a broken tip is not the end of your darts, but it is just a little more difficult to repair than broken dart shafts. This is because the tip is stuck a lot more firmly in the barrel than a shaft, especially since shafts are known to break more easily and should be easier to remove.

So how do you proceed when your soft dart tip has broken off? Often, when the tip is still sticking out from the electronic dartboard, you can simply pull it out with your fingers or a pair of pliers. If the tip is too far into the board and you can't reach it, you can use a dart tip removal tool. You put this on the compartment where the tip is, and then by hitting the tip remover you get it removed.

Still have questions or need help with fixing your darts? Then feel free to contact our customer service team.


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What to do when my dart shafts break?
What to do when my dart shafts break?
Published on 3 January 2023
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