Soft Tip Darts

Soft Tip Darts

On this page you can find all the best soft tip darts for sale. Both beginner and professional soft tip darts are available within the assortment of, such as Target soft tip darts and Harrows soft tip darts are a few of the best plastic tip darts. These soft tip darts are also known as electronic darts or plastic tip darts (darts plastic) and can only be used on as darts for electronice dartboard. They cannot be used on standard sisal dart boards, because the soft tip will not penetrate the sisal. Playing soft tip darts is becoming more popular in the world. In the USA, Asia and parts of Europe, playing soft tip darts is already very popular. 

The soft tip dart

In general a soft tip dart set (electronic dart) has a lighter weight compared to steel tip darts. This is because electronic boards are made out of a completely different material than the sisal boards. Heavy darts can damage the soft-tip dart board when thrown into the score fields. Just like steel tip darts, soft tip darts come in different materials. There are different percentages of tungsten soft tip darts, as well as brass soft tip darts and nickel/silver or steel soft tip darts.

Just like the steel tip dart, the soft tip darts are made out of four main parts: the soft tip, the barrel, the shaft and the flight. The soft-tips on these darts can easily be replaced with new tips. This does not mean that any steel tip dart can be used as the base for soft tips. Soft tips are usually screwed on to the barrel, which is different from the standard steel tip darts barrel. The soft tips are available in various colours and sizes. There is also a difference in the quality of soft tips. The often more expensive soft-tips are more robust than its cheaper equivalent.

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