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Target darts

Here you can find all Target darts from our assortment. The darts of the Target brand are innovative and have a nice appearance. In addition, many famous darters such as Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis and Dave Chisnall throw Target darts.

On this page you will find all Target darts in the assortment of Target is known for its advanced techniques and their beautifully finished darts. A good example are the Target darts with Pixel Grip, this grip is nowadays widely used by famous darts like Phil Taylor with his own Target Phil Taylor darts.

Different Target darts

Target is one of the newest dart brands but has already attracted some world-class players since its inception. Currently, among others, Phil Taylor, Rob Cross, Nathan Aspinall, Adrian Lewis, Stephen Bunting, Dave Chisnall and Haruki Muramatsu use Target darts. Dimitri van den Bergh also uses Target darts for his matches and Target has Van Barneveld darts available.

These Target darts can all be found in the webshop and are available in different weights. Thanks to the many exposure of Target Darts, the brand has grown in a short time into a leading darts brand with a large range of darts and darts accessories.

Our range of Target darts consists of player darts and darts from the various dart lines such as the luxury Target 975, Target Distinction, Target Daytona and Target Bolide. Also loose products such as the Target Swiss Point tips can be found in our assortment. Take a look at all Target products. See for yourself which darts suit you best and choose the perfect grip for you!

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