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Published on Thursday 3 August 2023
3 August 2023
When you rotate the board regularly you extend the life of the dartboard. You can easily remove the number ring from a board so that the board can be rotated. Based on 1 hour of darts per day, we recommend rotating the board several segments weekly.
To prevent damage to ...
Published on Thursday 19 January 2023
19 January 2023
If you have immersed yourself in darts a bit, you will soon see that there are an awful lot of different dartflights. Not only in terms of colour and design, but also the shape and size of the flights can vary a lot. But what exactly is the effect of certain shapes of dart fli ...
Published on Tuesday 17 January 2023
17 January 2023
When you search for "female darts players", "darts women" or "female darters" on the Internet, one face often shows up: Fallon Sherrock. The English darts player is not only leading in her field, but ...
Published on Tuesday 17 January 2023
17 January 2023
The world of darts, meanwhile, has been the same for decades. Except for developments such as the emergence of electronic darts and little conveniences like a light ...
Published on Tuesday 3 January 2023
3 January 2023
Unfortunately, darts sometimes break, but buying completely new darts is almost never necessary. Because what may look like a broken dart, is not really a completely broken dart. A dart consists of a number of individual parts: the ...