Target Darts MOD: A revolutionary home darts setup

17 Jan 2023

The world of darts, meanwhile, has been the same for decades. Except for developments such as the emergence of electronic darts and little conveniences like a light ring, darts has been fairly unchanging. Until now, because there seems to be an interesting development on the horizon. For Target Darts, a major player in the world of darts equipment, has announced the Target MOD. MOD, a modular setup system, is described by Target as "the future of your home darts setup." And futuristic it certainly looks that way! But what is it?

A unique darts setup system

The core of the Target MOD is called the 'Hub' and is actually a very simple idea: the hub forms a base to which, among other things, you mount your dartboard. The product features eight inputs for so-called "mod rail rods," which are steel rods to mount parts of the modular system. These rail rods can be mounted vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Thanks to the rails, you no longer have to bother with separately mounting parts you want near your dartboard but can easily slide everything onto the rods. In addition, the hub has a power connector, which provides 2 USB inputs and 2 12v outlets with electricity. A built-in level ensures that you can mount everything perfectly straight.

Target Mod Hub

In addition to the hub, Target is also launching a number of accessories and other additions that make it possible to completely personalize your setup. This range of accessories varies from standard dart accessories such as a dart surround and dart lights to useful extras such as extra mod rail rods, a phone clip and dart holders.

Is it innovative?

All of these items separately sound like nothing new. But for the avid darter, the system that holds everything together may be the solution or addition to his darts setup that had been missed. A number of benefits are readily apparent, such as the fact that everything fits together seamlessly. With this line of products, you don't have to worry about whether everything will fit together properly. Thanks to the bracket system, you can rotate the dartboard in ten different positions without having to completely unhook it.

Even the wiring was considered in the design: because all electronic modules connect directly to the hub, your entire setup only needs one power wire, namely to the hub itself. From there you can power the light ring or your phone in the phone terminal directly via USB or a 12v connection. No more hassle with long cables or not enough outlets!

In addition to the previously mentioned accessories, Target also comes with a matching dart mat, designed in the style and colors of the MOD system. This mat is otherwise just an average dart mat, but if you like a cohesive dart setup then this mat completes the look.

The future of modular setups

Whether this development will really change darts is, of course, yet to be seen. However, the first step in the world of modular dart setups has now been made and that will open doors for competitors to enter the market with their own version. That will surely lead to a spurt of additional dart accessories on the market, third-party dart items and innovation. In any case, Target announces that the future of the MOD will offer more than what is currently available, and of course we will be following that closely!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask our Customer Service!

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