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Dartboard Surrounds

On this page, you can find all dartboard surrounds in our assortment. Dartboard surrounds is a collective term for dartboard backgrounds and dartboard wall protectors.

A dartboard surround protects your wall against darts ending up beside the board. The dartboard backgrounds can be sorted by color and brand. On this page, you can find our complete assortment of dartboard surrounds. A dartboard surround is a must-have for every darts player with his or her own dart track. The dartboard wall protectors protect the wall and the darts themselves. The dartboard surround prevents holes in your walls, and makes sure that the tips of your darts don't break or wear out when they end up beside the board.

Most of the dartboard surrounds are made of high-quality Polyurethane (PU), a soft material in which the darts can hang easily without getting damaged. The dartboard backgrounds are easy to attach, because they only need to be clamped around the board. The surrounds all have the same size and can be used with all dartboards. Seeing as the surrounds are universal, you're not tied to a particular brand and you can choose the surround that best fits your dart track.

Types of dartboard backgrounds

Dartshopper offers two types of surrounds, namely surrounds made up of one piece and surrounds consisting of four parts. The dartboard wall protectors made up of one piece are used most, and these surrounds are made of Polyurethane (PU) and meant for professional use. These dartboard surrounds are also used during the big PDC and BDO tournaments on TV. Besides the surround rings made up of one piece, there are also surrounds with four pieces, which consist of four jigsaw pieces that can easily be clamped around a board. These 4-piece surrounds are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which looks like a foam-like material and protects the darts when they end up beside the board. These 4-piece surrounds are generally cheaper than the surround rings and very suitable for starting darts players who are just getting to know the world of darts.