Dartboard On this page you can find all the dartboards available within the Dartshopper.com assortment. We offer dartboards of various brands such as: XQ Max, Harrows,




On this page you can find all the dartboards available within the Dartshopper.com assortment. We offer dartboards of various brands such as: XQ Max, Harrows, Winmau dartboards, Unicorn dartboards, Viper dartboards and Target dartboards. Our absolute top boards are the Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard, the Winmau Blade 6 and the Unicorn Eclipse HD2 PRO. You can use the normal steel tip darts on this dartboard.

Recreational VS Professional

The differences between a recreational and a professional dart board is mainly to be found in the wiring and the sisal of which the board is made. The wiring of a professional dartboard is sharp where that of a recreational board is round (roundly wired). Sharp wiring offers the benefit of less chance on bouncers. Bouncers are darts that bounce off the board because they hit the wiring. Bladed wiring cause darts to still be able to reach the score fields even after hitting the wiring.

Next to the wiring, the other difference between recreational and professional boards is the sisal. The density of the sisal used in the score fields is a lot higher on a professional board than on a recreational dartboard. Due to a higher density a board is less likely to get imperfections like humps and bumps when penetrated by the tip of a dart. It also makes a dart board last longer.

Even though recreational and professional dartboards are sold most, there is separate category for the more serious dart player: The training dartboards. Training boards have smaller tripple and double fields which forces the player to make his throws even more stable and tight. If a dart player is used to using these boards he will be able to score more easily on a normal bristle board. Training boards will help you learn to focus on the triples and doubles even better which will make you benefit during matches and tournaments. Especially for the more serious dart player a training dart board is worth trying!

Various brands

The assortment of Dartshopper.com consists out of the most common brand of dartboards and dart board sets. Within this range Unicorn and Winmau tournament boards are the most popular ones. Worldwide they are the biggest manufacturers within the field of dart sports and provider of professional dart boards.

Winmau's model the Winmau Blade 6 is by far the most popular commercial dart board in the world. The Winmau Blade 6 is an excellent quality dart board which assures a long lasting darts fun. Next to that the board has extremely sharp wiring which decreases the number of bouncers significantly. To say it's the best dart board may not be factual, but its popularity does prove a point.

Other popular dartboards for sale are the Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 and the Unicorn Eclipse HD 2. These Unicorn dartboards are also very suitable for dart players that play intensively. Other brands of dartboards that Dartshopper.com sells are Bull's, Shot! and Target. These are also renowned brands that manufacture high-quality dart boards and darts. We also have products such as a standing dart board, or magnetic dart board like the Bull's Magnetic Dartboard for the enthousiastic kids that can't wait to play for themselves.

Dartboard accessories

To match our dartboards we also offer many practical accessories to complete your dart board set up. Examples of accessories for boards are the various mounting systems and referee tools that we offer. A referee tool helps you to line out your board so it will hang straight and exactly in the middle. This is very important as when you play darts, winning or losing can be a matter of millimeters.