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Below you will find dart scoreboards in's product range. A dart scoreboard is indispensable for every darter. In our wide range of dart scoreboard you will find different types of dart scoreboards.

Buy a darts scoreboard at Dartshopper

Dartshopper supplies different types and sizes of dart scoreboards. The best known dart calculator are the whiteboards and chalkboards, these are available in different brands, sizes and designs. For example, whiteboards are available in sizes 25x30, 30x45 and 30x60. Besides a standard darts scoreboard, we also offer a styrene scoreboard. this darts scoreboard made of the strong plastic styrene is almost unbreakable. The darts scoreboard is ideal for a pub or canteen, for example. After all, you can easily dart with several people at the same time with one writing board. A simple swipe and the darts scoreboard is ready for new use.

Electronic scoreboards

For the more professional dart courts, we also offer a large number of electronic scoreboards, these dart scoreboards are equipped with numerous functions including keeping track of scores and averages. Besides the scores and averages, these digital darts scoreboards also indicate how you can easily throw out certain scores so you don't have to do the math yourself. By using a darts score counter or dart calculator, you can have all the calculations done for you, leaving you to do all the darts yourself.

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