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Winmau Steel Tip Darts

Below you will find all Winmau darts in the assortment of The darts of the British brand Winmau are of excellent quality and are used by top dart players like Daryl Gurney, Brendan Dolan, Mervyn King, Simon Whitlock, Scott Waites, Mark Webster and Ted Hankey. Wondering which Winmau darts Van Gerwen uses? Then take a look at the player page!

On this page you can find all Winmau darts in the assortment. Winmau darts are very popular within the darts sport. This is mainly because the Winmau brand guarantees high quality and has been the official partner of the World Championship at the BDO (British Darts Organisation) for many years.

Famous Winmau darts

Several well-known dart players are under contract with Winmau and throw their own Winmau darts. These include Daryl Gurney darts, Danny Noppert darts, Simon Whitlock darts, Andy Fordham darts, and Mervyn King darts. Winmau offers different darts for both beginners and advanced darters.

Different Winmau darts

For beginner darters, Winmau has a number of types of Brass darts including the Winmau Neutron, Winmau Commando and the Winmau Broadside. For advanced darters, Winmau also has a large range of high-quality tungsten darts. For example, the Winmau Ton Machine, Winmau Firestorm, Winmau Crisis, Winmau Blackout and Winmau Foxfire are now indispensable in the dart world. Besides these well-known Winmau darts, there are also a lot of other darts, each with its own design.

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