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Dartboard Cabinets

Below you can find all dartboard cabinets in the Dartshopper assortment. A dartboard cabinet, or dart board case, is very useful for integrating your dartboard in the living room or bedroom, for example. The dartboard cabinet will also protect the wall. Usually, this is a wooden dartboard cabinet but sometimes they're made from different materials.

On this page, you can find all dartboard cabinets in the Dartshopper cabinet. A dartboard cabinet is useful for when you want to hide a dartboard when it's not in use. Thanks to a dartboard cabinet, you won't see that there is a dartboard hanging on the wall, because the cabinets come in neutral colors and have a classic appearance, so you won't even notice that they're there.

Another word for a dartboard cabinet is a darts cabinet. Even though there used to be dartboard cabinets with rounder shapes and printed images, nowadays there are more modern dartboard cabinets as well. The most popular dartboard cabinets at the moment are the light oak and black cabinets, because they fit in practically every interior.

Dartboard cabinet sets

Besides the regular dartboard cabinets, we also sell several cabinet sets. A dartboard cabinet set often comes with a dartboard and darts. Sets like the Target Home Dart Centre, Winmau Dartset Professional, and KOTO Darts Centre perfect for starting darts players, because these are complete sets. Due to the materials used, most of the cabinets are not suitable as outdoor dartboard cabinet. So whichever is the best dart board cabinet for you mostly depends on the space you want to put it in.

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