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Dartboard Stand

Here you can find all dartboard stands. A dartboard stand comes in handy when you're traveling often, as it allows you to dart anywhere, anytime. Dartboard stands are essential for competition organizers as well, as they allow them to take the dart tracks to any location. You can't hang your dartboard on the wall? Then a dartboard stand is the solution! There are different dartboard stands on the market. These include dartboard stands with 3 or 4 legs. Naturally, a four-legged stand is more stable and moves less. You can also find complete dartboard stands, including dartboard and a backboard with scoreboards, so you immediately have a complete dart track. There are also special stands that you can hang to the door.

Dartboard stands

On this page, you can find all dartboard stands in the Dartshopper assortment. A dartboard stand can come in very handy when you want to set up a mobile dart track. A dart stand is easy to set up in the garden or on holidays, for example.

Dart stands also produce less noise than boards that hang on the wall. Often, dartboards that are hanging on the wall can produce an annoying thump when hit by the darts. With a dart stand, this problem doesn't exist, because the noise is absorbed by the legs of the dart stand.