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Electronic Dartboards

Below you can find all the electronic dartboards within the assortment of An electronic dartboard, smart dartboard or soft tip dart board, is suitable for soft tip darts and is in most cases equipped with a digital scoreboard. Soft-tip dartboards are more suitable for younger darts players as the soft tips are less dangerous. Do you want to order an electronic dartboard? Then quickly have a look on this page!

Electronic Dartboards at Dartshopper

On this page you can find all the electronic dartboards within our assortment. We offer several soft tip dartboards from brands as KOTO and Winmau. An electronic dartboard is only suitable for soft tip darts. You can find the soft tip darts here. There are also more high-end electronic board such as a bluetooth dartboard by Gran Board, the Gran Board 3s for example, to which you can connect your phone. That way, you have the gamemodes and scoring right in the palm of your hand.

Possibilities electronic dartboards

A soft-tip dartboard is very practical as most electronic dart boards will add up the scores themselves. On the integrated scoreboard you can immediately see your scores and what you need to score in points. Most electronic dartboards offer various game versions that can be played. These games are often suitable for multiple players. Sadly, there's no such thing as an electronic steel tip dartboard, as the steel tip darts would damage the board with each throw, gradually rendering it unplayable.