The best female darts players

17 Jan 2023

When you search for "female darts players", "darts women" or "female darters" on the Internet, one face often shows up: Fallon Sherrock. The English darts player is not only leading in her field, but also managed to step into the PDC Order of Merit among all men in November '21. Sherrock managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam of Darts, where she eventually lost to Peter Wright. To many female darts enthusiasts, Sherrock is to them what Michael van Gerwen is to the Netherlands.

But Fallon Sherrock is just one of many good darts players. There is also her sister, Felicia Blay Sherrock, four-time world champion of women's darts Lisa Ashton, two-time world champion Mikuru Suzuki, Anastasia Dobromyslova, winner of the first WDF World Darts Championship Beau Greaves and, of course, there have been well-known Dutch darts players in the past. Think for example of the Dutch Francis Hoenselaar (World Championship win 2009 and 5x Runner Up in the final) and Mieke de Boer. Darts has been around for a long time, yet only recently has there been a separate women's competition and rankings.

Women's ranking

In 2001, the BDO decided to organize a women's tournament at the same time as the men's tournament. The first edition was won by Trina Gulliver, who eventually won 10 world titles. Since 2021, in addition to the PDC Order of Merit, there now exists the Women's Series Order of Merit, in which female darters now have their own ranking. This further does not rule out the possibility that women, as Sherrock did, may simply still enter the PDC Order of Merit.

Currently, Lisa Ashton is at the top, followed by Fallon Sherrock and Lorraine Wistanley. If you compare the lists, you quickly see that the prize amounts vary considerably. This is of course because women's darts compared to men's darts is still in its infancy, but it won't be long before there will be a firm increase there as well.

The current Dutch darts world also has its female share in professional darts: Aileen de Graaf is one of the top female Dutch darts players, followed by Anca Zijlstra, Sharon Straatsma and Aletta Wajer.

Women's darts: same rules, same products

With the increasing popularity and presence of women in the darts world over the last few years, a market has also emerged for products aimed at female players. Or rather mainly product designs because, of course, the rules for darts remain the same, be it dart boards, darts, shafts, flights or barrels.

Therefore, male or female, it remains recommended to start with darts between 21 and 27 grams, mainly 24 grams. The weight of darts is a personal taste that you develop during your playing years. However, you can see that when it comes to darts women tend to throw average lighter darts.

Lighter darts like to be paired with longer shafts so that your dart has a more stable flight. If you do go for heavier darts, then a shorter shaft is a better idea. What you also want to pay attention to is the grip of your barrel. Unless you are already an experienced player, you want to go for a barrel that has some good grip on it. That way you form a stable stance and throw and you can slowly start looking at a lighter grip.

Designs female players

Apart from the specifications of the darts, as with male darters, there are of course special designs for darts based on popular female darters. Of course, aside from their design, these darts aren't specifically women's darts, because all players use the same darts. There are probably more than enough men out there playing with Fallon darts! Our assortment has tons of female players designs. For example, there is Lisa Ashton's design, available in three different weights, and of course we also have Fallon Sherrock darts for sale. For more women's competition darts, check out their tags in the Players page. It will only continue to grow in the coming years!


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