Electronic dart board or Classic dart board?

8 May 2020

A dart board is something that can’t be missed while playing darts. Darts can be played with different sets of darts, varying from different weights to different color shafts or flights. But did you know there are also different types of dart boards.
There is an electronic dart board and the classic (sisal) dart board.

Classic dart board

The classic dart board is available in different types. There are different types of wiring and the sisal where the dart board is made of. The difference in these things has to do with the way you want to play, are you playing to become professional or is it for recreational use. It could also be used for both and you prefer to have a good dart board.
A classic dart board is used in the professional dart tournaments and is the dart board which is be played with the steel tip darts.

These steel tip darts are the darts made of steel which penetrates the dart board deeper, which also prevents darts bouncing off the dartboard. Because the classic dart board is used in professional tournaments this also is coming close to play like a professional.

Electronic dart board

The electronic dart board is a dart board which is becoming very common. This is a dart board which is an alternative for the classic dart board. Most of the electronic dart boards have a system where the score is listed automatically, this prevents miscalculations and you get the score directly.

An electronic dart board is also called a soft tip dart board, this is because the darts you are using for this type of dart board are the soft tip darts. This is because the soft tip darts have softer tips and can stick perfectly in the electronic dart boards. Using steel tip darts, which is used for the classic dart boards is not recommended to be used for the electronic dart board. It could harm it and is not made for the dart boards. 

The benefits of the electronic dart board is that the dart board has the ability to calculate the score for you. And it is safer for you and your walls or ground because the tip of the darts you use for the electronic dart boards are softer.
But because of the soft tips, the change of breaking the tip is higher because they are softer than the steel tips.

Would you like to play with ease and not worry about the score and have softer tips for your dart board which is safer, you should choose for an Electronic dart board.

Do you want to play like a pro and have less chance on darts bouncing off your dart board you should choose for a classic dart board.

To conclude, choosing either an electronic dart board or a classic dart board depends on your preferences.

Dartboard height
Dartboard height
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Darts distance
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