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Dartboard height

15 Apr 2020
by Dartshopper

Just like the darts distance, the dartboard height has also effect on the way your darts land into your dartboard. A blog about the darts distance can be found here.
It is important that your darts land on the right spots in the dartboard. To learn to throw, the right dartboard height could be very important.

Dart board measurements

To begin with, you could start with the right measurements for your dartboard. According to the regulations of dart distance and height, there is a fixed height for the dartboard. It could be measured with the bull’s eye. It is measured from the height of the bull’s and the ground or the height of the bull’s eye and the throwline (Oche).
In the picture above you can see an example of how you should look following the dart measurements.

Part of the regulation dartboard height there is a fixed dartboard height of 1,73 meters (5’ 8’’) from the ground to the bull’s eye. The other way you could measure the right dartboard height, you could look from the Oche to the Bull’s eye. This is a fixed distance of 2,93 meters (9’ 7 1/2’’).
The dart board dimensions given above are according to the official dartboard height rules of darts.

Throwing darts

We can conclude that different dartboard heights have an impact on your darts score. The height is important in the time you are learning to dart. When you throw your darts at different dartboards with different heights you are going to fight with the way you are throwing your darts. The best way is to have consistency and learn to find your way of throwing the darts.

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