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Favero - Game Shot Specifications:

Technical data Stylish appearance.

  • Width: 21.3 cm height: 12.3 cm thickness: 5.6 cm. Red colored numbers. Flat keyboard with large keys for easy use. Each key has a lifespan of 5 million keystrokes.
  • In case of power failure, score not stored in memory will be lost, batteries are not needed. A sturdy plastic housing complete with cord and plug. Can be fixed to the wall with plugs. Low energy consumption: maximum 6VA, 230Vac.

Properties button

  • ON / OFF: Turns the GAME SHOT on and off, when the device is off, a small lamp lights up on the display.
  • SOUND ON / OFF: Turns the sound on and off.
  • CANCEL: Used in conjunction with the number keys.
  • GAMES: Displays for 3 seconds the number of games defeated by the players; During the 3 seconds on this number it can be reset by CANCEL key.
  • START 301, 501: Start the game with starting scores of 301 or 501. The starting player's score is indicated by the flashing of the score (5 seconds). This can be changed by pressing START or ENTER again. This gets easier the more you play. Each new start the player who starts to throw is automatically alternated. During the game, the score of the player taking the turn flashes. S
  • TART XXX: Start with your own chosen score followed by the ENTER key. If you enter a zero followed by the ENTER key, the score will be added.
  • 1 PLAYER: Press this button after selecting the game.
  • NUMERICS: Key in your score followed by ENTER, if you make a mistake press CANCEL and continue. If an error has already been committed, press SCORE DOWN and then CANCEL.
  • +: Allows you to enter all 3 arrows individually. (for example: 27 + 25 + 39 ENTER).
  • MEMORY UP / DOWN: Lets you adjust previous scores and error cancellation. If a wrong score is entered, press MEMORY DOWN and then CANCEL. If the wrong score is not entered, press CANCEL.
  • DARTS: Press and hold this button to see how many arrows have been thrown
  • AVERAGE: Visualizes the average score per arrow at any time. The average is taken in two stages: first the whole number and then decimals. For example: 30.45 = 30_ then _45. To get the exact average at the end of the game press 1 button when game ends with the first dart, and button 2 when it ends with 2 and press the average.
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