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Darts Scoreboards

Below you can find all darts scoreboards in the Dartshopper assortment. A darts scoreboard is essential for every darts player. Our extensive assortment of darts scoreboards includes different types of darts scoreboards.

Dartshopper offers different types and sizes of darts scoreboards. The most well-known scoreboards are the whiteboards and chalk boards, which are available in different sizes and editions, and from different brands. There are, for example, whiteboards in the sizes 25x30, 30x45, and 30x60. Besides a standard darts scoreboard, we also sell a polystyrene scoreboard, which is made of strong polystyrene, making it practically unbreakable. This scoreboard is perfect for bars or cafes, for example.

Electronic scoreboards

For more professional dart tracks, we also offer a large number of electronic scoreboards that comes with different functions, including the counting of scores and averages. Besides the scores and averages, these digital scoreboards also show you how to finish in the easiest way, so you don't have to start calculating yourself.

Do you have any questions in regard to the Dartshopper scoreboards? Just get in touch with our customer service!