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Personalize dart gear

Do you and your darts team or company want to create your own identity and personalize your dart gear? Then you have come to the right place! On this page you will find all the options for creating your own custom dart set. You can choose between engraving darts, printing flights, printing shafts, printing dart shirts, printing dart wallets and even printing dart surrounds. With all the available options you can make your own fully customizable darts with custom dart flights and custom dart barrels and have the team represent themselves in custom dart shirts. 

Engraving darts

At you can have your ordered darts engraved. Think of the name or initials of yourself, your club, pub, organization or that of a friend as a gift. There are a number of important things to know about personalizing darts:

  • You can engrave a maximum of eight letters in length or two letters in width
  • In addition to the laser job, you must also order darts for engraving
  • Not every dart is equally suitable, please pay attention to the designated area when creating your laser job

When entering your engraving job, you can choose from more than 20 different fonts so that you can create the style that suits you best.

Printed Dart Flights offers different options to print personalised dart flights. You can finetune your personalised dart flights with photo or text. This way you can design dart flights the way you want them. You can choose between 75 micron poly flights and 100 micron Ruthless R4X flights. During the ordering process you can choose different colors of flights and texts, as well as choose a font and printing direction.

Printed Dart Shafts

Of course, there is nothing better to slide a custom dart flight in than a custom printed shaft! For this too you can go to Choose the size of shaft (from extra short to medium) that you want to have printed, choose from black, white, red, blue, yellow or green shafts and enter the message that you want to have printed.

Printed Dart Wallets

Of course you would also want to take your personalized gear with you safely. You can do so in a custom printed dart wallet or in personalized dart cases. You can upload your own logo or text to be printed on the dart wallet.

Printed Dartboard Surround

Always wanted a surround with your own name or nickname? offers the possibility to personalize a dartboard surround. The surround can be printed at the top and at the bottom with a text of your choice. The font used for printing the surround is Titan.

Printed surrounds are also very popular with dart clubs, pubs, canteens and businesses.

Printed Dart Shirts

Dart shirts are indispensable for advanced players, but also beginning darts players like to wear a real dartshirt while playing darts. Besides buying darts shirts, you can also choose to get a custom darts shirt printed. These shirts can be printed in many ways as you can choose to print logos or texts. These logos or texts can be printed on different places on the dart shirt, so you can make your own darts shirt design. With these custom dart jerseys you can make sure you always represent your team and by giving your dart jerseys custom designs you will stand out from the rest.

Delivery time printed items

The printed items have a longer delivery time than the regular products. For each product we individually indicate the expected delivery time.

Do you still have questions about printing or how to build your own darts? Please contact our customer service!