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Electronic dart boards

On this page, you will find all the electronic dart boards we have in our assortment. This type of dart board is a type of dart board that is getting more popular over the world. It is being played in most countries in Asia and is also being played in countries in Europe.

Soft tip darts

The tips of the darts you use for the electronic dart board are softer than the tips of the classic dart board. This is safer for you and the surroundings you play in. With the soft tips, there is less chance you damage your wall or the ground.
It is also kid-friendly because the tips are softer so it is safer to use.
The soft tips darts are most of the time lighter in weight than the steel tip darts, so when you switch from these type of darts you should note that there could be a difference between the darts. 

Benefits electronic dart boards

Electronic dart boards, also called soft tip dart boards, are dart boards that have most of the time a digital scoreboard. This is easy to keep track of the score, it also helps you calculate the new score when the throws have been made. 
Also, dart boards are becoming more ‘smarter’ they can be connected with your smartphone to have a track of the score on your phone or track your progress in playing.

If you have questions about the use of electronic dart boards, you can contact our customer service and we will tell you more about the dart boards.